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Dear PGS Gold Buyers Kiosk
You’re such a delight to work with, I have never been taught so much in so little time. Your manager really seems to have her stuff together; I can appreciate that coming form an HR background. For all you new customers out there reading these testimonial, take it from me, PGS is the way to go. They will help you with all your Gold, Silver selling needs.
Best regards And always a pleasure
Susanne Widdel

PGS Gold Buyers is the BEST!!!
They have such educated employees. At first I felt very uncomfortable going to them and selling my gold, it was the first time I had ever done anything like that. Once I spoke to the gold buyer and saw how they test the gold and how they weigh it out, I could see it was not that scary and I felt much more comfortable, in fact I ended up coming back a second time. You really never know what is hiding in your jewelry box until you go through it all. I walked away from PGS’s Kiosk with over $300. It was awesome!!!
Thanks again guys your great.
Tom Medusa

Hey John Kyle,
Thank you so much for taking the time to look through all my coins; you really do know a lot. I was very impressed with everything you told me. If I come across anything else in my basement ill stop by the new store you opened in the White Oaks Mall in Springfield.
Thanks again Lisa Gerals

How many times are you offered free money? Well for me and my husband it’s been like a money tree planted in our back yard. So far we have hosted three gold parties of our own with Party Gold Style!, got paid commissions on five and planning to host more. Thank you for being there and help us with all the planning and invitations.
Britney and John, Chicago, IL

My wife and I want to thank you for coming out to our gold party. Just as you said, it would be easy, fun and profitable and yet it was. In this tough economy everyone needs a hand and you sure came through. You have allowed us to make $789 for just hosting a party and $376 for our unwanted gold. After I lost my job it has been very tough and I just felt like the walls were closing in and that my lucky streak is gone, and then you came along and it was like hitting a lottery. My wife and I would really like to join your party rep to coordinate our own gold parties. I feel that with our network of friends we could really make a good business for ourselves being your partner. Thanks a lot!
Paul, Aurora, IL

Finally, something good came out of my broken engagement and some other gold scrap I had laying around. Thanks Party Gold Style! I never thought that I could get so much cash for gold that I no longer use. I really hope to see you at my own gold party in two weeks. Thanks a bunch!
Page, Chicago, IL

I attended a gold party last summer and met the Party Gold Style! planner. She was fun and knowledgeable and thoroughly analyzed my gold pieces. And, the price she paid for my gold was excellent! I knew then that I had to have a Party Gold Style! for my friends. The party is easy, just snacks and drinks! My friends had a great experience and were more than pleased with their checks too! PGS Gold Buyers pays you on the spot for your gold. It was a really fun Win for everyone! I can highly recommend hosting a Party Gold Style! of your.
Martha, Crystal Lake, IL

My name is Kristina and I would just like to say "WOW!" I have found the best way to make lots of extra cash while visiting with all my friends!! PGS Gold Buyers came to my home for an "in-home" gold party in December where they handed out thousands of dollars for unwanted gold!! All I did was make a few appetizers, invited all my friends, relatives and neighbors over with their unwanted and/or unused gold items and SHA-ZAM! I made $990.00 "just" on the sales from my party!!! That didn't even count the $1500.00 I made from my gold charm bracelets I turned in!! I received 10% of the sales from all my guests, including myself, who also took home pockets full of money for their gold!! I basically got paid to have a party!! What an effortless and fun way to bring in some extra money and a great way to help your friends make money!! One of my neighbors was shocked when she layed out her stuff on the table - she thought most of it was junk, but after it was looked at and weighed, she was handed $540.00!! I have never seen her that shocked and excited before! It was great! When my other neighbor saw how much money everyone was making, she said to me..."maybe I should have looked a little harder!" Then she went home and looked around and brought back some old rings, a watch and an old broken chain and ended up taking home $450.00!! You can't beat this deal, people!! Call PGS Gold Buyers today and book your own party!! With gold prices on the rise, you can't lose! This is the best party you will ever have and your guest will talk about it to all their friends!!! It's a must do!! I did and couldn't be happier!!

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