Gold, Silver or Platinum Jewelry

Bent/broken jewelry

Gold dental crowns or bridgework

Bracelets or chains that are tangled


Broken and unwanted gold scrap


Cluster rings

Gold nuggets


Pins or broaches


Wedding bands


Items with missing stones

Class rings

Gold bars

Gold Coins

American Eagles

Mexico 2.5 Peso

Austria Philharmonic

Mexico 2.0 Peso

British Gold Sovereigns

Mexico 5 Peso

Germany 20 Mark

Netherlands 10 Guilder

Australian Monkeys

Russia 10 Rouble

Australian Ox

U.S. Gold Double Eagles

Australian Rabbits


Australian Rats

Canadian Maple Leafs

Australian Roosters

Chinese Pandas

Australian Snakes

French Franc

Australian Tigers

French Franc .1867 oz

Austria 1 Ducat

One ounce gold bars

Austria 100 Corona

Ten ounce gold bars

Austria 20 Corona

Australian Dogs

Austria 4 Ducat

Australian Dragons/horses

Gibraltar Angels

Australian Goats/kangaroos

Hungary 100 Korona

Isle of Man Cats

Italy 20 Lira

Mexico 10 Peso

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